Andrea Foy, Inc. is a success-oriented, customer-driven training and consulting organization. Our professional and career development seminars and workshops are planned and presented to meet the specific needs of our clients. Knowledge and experience gained from our programs provide the stimuli that motivate participants to take actions, discover potentials, embrace change and seize opportunities.

Andrea Foy, as with the other professionals of PWN, takes a holistic approach to educating and training – utilizing principles that provide growth and development through practical living and effective life management. We offer seminars differing from others in that these programs represent the Total Package.  They will pull your employee’s thoughts, actions, and appearance together.  Each series brings them closer to achieving personal confidence and the ability to project a radiant image, producing an organization that shines.  At your convenience, we deliver on-site programs, saving your organization time and money.

  • Personalized — small groups for more effective interaction. 15-20 attendees.
  • The six-hour seminar can also be broken down into two three-hour classes or three, two-hour classes.
  • Enjoyable — offering up provoking, practical, entertaining, action oriented content.
  • Cost effective to be used on an as needed basis making a training budget worked for you.

 Services Available to:

  • Businesses
  • Developmental Agencies
  • Educational Institutions
  • Professional Organizations
  • Social Organizations

Andrea has motivated, coached, and led church members, women only groups, men only groups, professionals, teachers, coaches, teenagers, rural areas and metropolitan areas.


These programs can be presented as a stand-alone presentation or integrated into other full programs.

  •  Freshman Orientations • Workforce Training • Student Life Events • Leadership Conferences
  • Career Development • Senior Commencement • Student Retreats • Internship Prep• Woman’s Day events

Length of Presentations:

Plenary – This one hour interactive format includes worksheets to guide participants through a series of exercises and discussions.

Workshop – This half-day format is filled with small group discussions, exercises, self-assessments, and Q/A. This format also includes a workbook.

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