Call For Submissions!

CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS – Prince Tribute Anthology!

Anthologist: Andrea Foy


Currently there are over 65 books published on Prince and more on the way. My book PRINCE AND ME is 1 of them. Since I released the book in 2016, I have encountered fams that have mentioned that they have a story or a tribute etc., but not enough to do a whole book.

I get it!

Writing and publishing a book is a long complex process and can get expensive.

Is there a short story inside you burning to be written? Now’s the time to let it out. Here is your chance to add your voice to the tributes. I am looking for 20-25 contributors to produce the first Prince Tribute Anthology and you can be a part. If you are a speaker or presenter and would like a publishing credit or want to be an author, here is your chance.

My goals:

· Share stories from Prince fam from all over the world.

· Use writing as a therapeutic venue

· Tell your story!

I ask you as a contributor to share glimpses of your lives: What does it mean to be a Prince fam? How did you make it through the journey of life before April 2016 and after? How has this experience changed you? What does he mean to you?


Who am I? My name is Andrea Foy I am the author of Prince And Me, His #1 Fan, My Minneapolis Memories. I’m also an author of two other books as well as 12 anthologies so I do have a little bit experience in the anthology process.

I was a presenter in the first Interdisciplinary Prince Conference which took place in the United Kingdom in 2017.

I have a BA in Communications and a MS in Management and Leadership. I am also a Distinguished Toastmaster. (Speaker)

Next Steps:

Please let me know if you are interested in being included and what you think you might want to write about or have already presented somewhere along with a brief bio about yourself that includes background on your writing / publishing experience if any.

You will receive an email from me after the 15th regarding your submission/inquiry, confirming its receipt.

Upon acceptance you will receive more information and guidelines. I am looking for 20-25 authors and stories of about 2000-5000 words.

This will be an exciting experience for us Fams to pay tribute to Prince and share our ‘Love4oneanother.’

Email me at by the 15th.