Keeping people safe is my passion. As a Personal Safety, Author, Speaker, and Consultant, I teach the basics of keeping you and your loved ones safe.

I am here to Educate, Equip, Enable, Empower, and Enrich you for your safety and for the safety of those you love. I conduct Empower Hours, safety presentations in person or online, to bring awareness of safety issues to the public. I can train you to be a warrior in my Warrior Workshops.

As a Damsel Pro, I am here to carry out the Mission of Damsel in Defense. Gain the confidence and know that you have a way to protect yourself should you or your loved ones feel threatened.

I can even help you find products that make you look good while you carry the products, and no one knows you are doing it.

Situational awareness is 80% of the battle because your life is worth the fight!

Independent Damsel in Defense Pro

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