In January it was actually balmy, about 18° and no snow. The gala event was just superb I could write a book about it. For the first time ever he decided to have coaches bring us to Paisley. We had to go a parking garage they had for transportation and buses brought us to Paisley.

The night wasn’t without its problems it didn’t go very well as far as ticketing and everything but the important thing was is it was a beautiful night The Piano And A Microphone Gala Event was just absolutely exquisite.

Between the first and second shows we stood around trying to find our purple hat boxes and I asked one of the bodyguards. He was nice and went and got two for us.  We were to the side of the stage right where the red velvet ropes were we were about maybe 10 feet from the little riser that had to his Piano on it.  There were about four rows of seats and then we were in back, a group of about 20 of us.

The lights went out again and the dry ice or steam whatever you call it started flowing. The doors opened, and you saw Prince stroll through the door looking confident as ever. He walked up the steps came around to the where his chair was and looked straight at me. He stood there clapping with the audience who were going crazy and then he sat down to play, We could only see his back, I had never seen him from this angle and wasn’t happy at first but then looking at his back, I  never realize how beautiful it was.

He made some stretching movements and looked like he was stretching his neck and left arm, flexing his wrist as if it was hurting. He would do that every now and then, and he was making movements that now I realize that meant that he was in some kind of discomfort. My friend even remarked that he looked like he’s hurting. We just thought it was general malaise since he had already played for two hours and he was just getting a little tired we did not think it was a chronic pain condition of any type.

“I feel you staring at my back.”

We freaked out because basically there were about four rows of people. 10 or 12 people before the red velvet rope, then there was probably about 20 of us directly behind the red velvet rope so there wasn’t a lot of people he could’ve been talking to. He couldn’t turn around and speak in the microphone at the same time so he never looked. Everybody in the whole room was screaming as if he was talking to them, but there was only about 30 of us whom he could be talking to. I think I know who he was really talking to because I was trying to stare an absolute hole through him. The thoughts I was having about his back will not go in this book. LOL!

He mentioned being lonely! He mentioned playing the piano by himself every night and how it was so much better with us here. My mind started making plans to move back to Minneapolis! He wiped tears from his eyes a few times. He mentioned David Bowie who had just passed. I never knew Bowie came to Paisley to a Party.

Again when he got up he looked over and smiled at us, then he went to the other side of the stage and was blowing kisses and putting his hand over his heart. He looked so happy. He turned around, and he walked off the stage and went to the door, and the doors closed. We went back home.



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