One night, the DJ didn’t make it so Prince had a boom box set up and he played DJ. It was horrible but funny. He would put a song on, we’d dance to it and then, it would stop. We would watch as he picked another song and put it in the player, then we’d dance to it, and it would stop. Loved it. He was so cute!

By this time the food had ended and all, there was in the main room, the atrium of Paisley were sodas. We were thirsty and hungry from coming from GLAM SLAM, and we were in the room on another night, helping ourselves to room temperature sodas. It must be a last-minute Paisley Park party, and it must’ve been near his birthday because I did have a birthday card. I looked up, and I saw Duane. I had not met Duane before this so it had to be June 1993. I walked up to him and introduced myself. He just nodded, and I gave him the card and said,

“Can you give this to Prince?”

“I have to look at it first.” He replied. I nodded, he made me nervous too. He read it, laughed and kept it.

A little bit later, we were dancing, I had my back to Duane who was still standing there watching us. The next thing I knew my friends were freaking out. I turned around, Prince was standing right there next to Duane. I waved, he waved, and then I tried to fold my arms. My arms would not fold; they were like noodles. I could not fold them across my chest, they just kept straightening out. It was hilarious! All my friends just broke out into laughter as I stood there with my back turned towards him and total embarrassment. Like the vampire, he was he just turned and left. I think he enjoyed showing up scaring the crap out of me just to prove something and then leaving. There were about a dozen people at the party, but he made his appearance, and it was enough for me.