He had the nerve to do it again the next week. This time, when we went out into the foyer area, people had figured out something was going on. They had been inviting other women in before me, and when we got to the door, there was such a crowd to the door the bodyguards had to move people to let us through. I remember people yelling, ‘This is not fair: Why is he doing this.’

After we had got in the smaller room, I was standing over to the side in the back, not wanting to be seen just taking it all in to see what was going on. Vicki grabbed me and pulled me out into the middle of the floor, right in front of him. She pulled me so fast that I came out of my sandals and was barefoot. I was about to go scurrying back over to the corner, but Prince was looking at us with amusement, so I thought, ‘Well I’m not going to run now and look like an idiot.’ I went ahead and stood there and danced with the girls in the front row right in front of him.

It was about three or four o’clock in the morning, and we were all sleepy. A friend of mine, Nicole, slid down on the side of a speaker and almost fell asleep. Prince walked up to her, got right in her face and said,

“Are you sleepy?”

She opened her eyes, looked right at him and said,

“Yes,” He laughed.

Later, he was walking through the crowd with his guitar slung over his shoulder and almost hit me in the face with the neck end of it. The guitar missed my nose by a half inch. I mean I felt the wind.

‘Oh,’ I exclaimed more out of surprise that contact.

Prince grabbed my arm and said,

“I’m so sorry,”

“It’s okay, it’s okay,”

After this party was over, another beautiful woman was talking to Prince, or maybe it was the same one from the week before. Maybe he knew her which was why she was so bold the last time. She looked like the other one, but I couldn’t keep them straight.

We walked up to them.

“Thank you for inviting us,” I said.

He turned to us and said,

“You’re welcome.”

… We left!

No one told us to leave, he was standing in the room the bodyguards weren’t doing anything, but we left on her own. These are some private moments Prince and I had with less than 30 other people. We could have stayed but didn’t push it.