“Do you want to hear the band play?”

One night once the Paisley parties moved to a larger room, a young man approached me,

“Do you want to hear the band play?”

“Excuse me?”

“Do you want to hear the band play?”

I nodded, and he motioned for me to follow. I stopped to look back at my friends who were still standing there with their mouths open. I motioned for them to come with me and they followed. I didn’t know what was going on but and they wanted my other friends and me, and the guy knew exactly who to come and ask to come in! (Yikes!)

We entered a small room with about 20 people. I was surprised to see they were doing some kind of performance in another tiny room. There was no stage. The band was seated at their instruments. The lights were dimmed and intimate. After about 30 of us had been let in, Prince made his entrance.

A Kim Kardashian look-a-like, a beautiful young girl with long dark hair, walked up and sat on a stool near the band. She was just sitting there with this look on her face like she just thought she had done something. Prince looked at her and said,

“Get off my stool.”

Laughter ensued. She put her head down and she went back over and stood in the back of the room. It was kind of silly thing to do, but I guess she assumed she was all that, and he was going to die over her as she was his type, so let’s go there. I don’t think he appreciated the forwardness.

We were standing there watching him, He said,

“No! You guys DANCE!”

I guess he was hoping we would ignore him and dance like they were a house band, but we were all dancing, facing him. I guess he figured it was the best he could get. We danced and had a blast. It was a great party, we had a lot of fun. I do not remember if there were any men in there other than the band members.