One night at our now frequent Paisley Parties, I got a little out of my head again and decided to go up and ask him if he wanted to dance. Occasionally other women would try to approach and get turned away by the bodyguards. This night I must have decided that I wanted that dance he owed me from Paris. I boldly walked up to him while he was standing next to the DJ table. I expected Joey to stop me, but to my surprise and horror, Joey just stood there. ‘Damn’ I thought, ‘Here I am about to make a fool out of myself and Joey is not doing his job to try and protect me.’ I ran my hands from both of Prince’s elbows to his shoulders. He didn’t move a muscle. Joey he started to put his hand on my shoulder, Prince looked at him, and he stopped.

“Would you like to dance?” I asked, sure he’d say no.

“Maybe later,”

I went back to the floor and joined my friends, just pleased I talked to him, and he talked back. I was happy he didn’t say no but was sure it was a no. I almost fainted about 20 minutes later when he walked over and told me to ‘Come over here.’ He wanted to dance on the edge of the dance floor, maybe so he could escape if needed. There were about 30 people there.

It was like having an out of body experience. I didn’t think he would dance with me, and I was terrified. This time it was only me, my friends gave us space. After the one song, he said,

“Thank you,”

I said it back and he left so I don’t know if Prince was just polite. All my friends gave me hugs, and I did see him walk past on the second level of Paisley, looking down at us.