One night after a Paisley performance, the lights came on which signifies it is time to go. I had to go to the restroom so I ran out with the crowd. When I came out, I noticed none of my crew had joined me in the restroom, nor were they out in the foyer waiting for me. I wandered back into the room to inquire what was going on, and there was Prince was in the middle of the room, with people around, talking to a guy who looked like an employee.

We assumed the ‘Watch Prince’ stance of intense staring. He was wearing the white tunic and white pants; I can’t remember if the tunic had a design on the front. He was facing us so he knew exactly what he was doing. Vicki ran to buy a calendar, and she back came in with just as confused look as I had, wondering where we were. We were momentarily distracted by the calendar. We tried to peek at the calendar and watch him at the same time. Imagine what it does to the senses! He noticed us too and was amused by our confusion. We realized the calendar was the only thing we were going to be able to touch and take home, so he became our focus once again.

Ole boy then decided to up the ante by walking right in front of us and stopped another employee to talk to him. He managed to stop right in front of us, about 3 or 4 feet away. I looked at the bodyguard who gave me the usual, ‘Don’t make me hurt you,’ look. Prince had the nerve to have his back to us this time. He stood there for a long time, he knew how to mess with us. We got a good look, though. (Grin)

He left the room, but no one else left, and security did not bother us, so we waited, and sure enough he came back into to watch part of a video they were working on. Again we stared and this time, we kept distracting him, he kept glancing at us and finally he broke into an actual smile. I wondered if he was secretly taping us or something. After a while, he left again and we were told to leave too.