birthdaypresentFIRST LOLLIPOP


Birthday week. One night at GLAM SLAM, we were upstairs. I had a black dress on with red tights. I was bent over the railing because I saw a bodyguard walk behind the bar downstairs. I looked over at my friends to tell them what I saw, and they were looking at me, horrified. I straightened up and looked over my left shoulder and lo and behold, there was Joey. I turned to my right, and Prince had snuck up on the other side of me sucking a lollipop. He loved Tootsie Pops. I leaned over and said “Hello,” He smiled and said it back and left to go sit in his booth. Maybe he wanted acknowledgment. Soon after he sat down, a bodyguard gave me a lollipop. I still have it in a shadow box to this day!

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