yellowppdirections FIRST PAISLEY PARTY

I was still a flight attendant living in Atlanta when we were invited to one of the first Paisley Parties. A security guard walked up to me in GLAM SLAM and handed me the yellow ticket and walked off without comment. We freaked out because we knew what it was, there were rumors he was having private parties at his house and Paisley. The problem was none of us had a car. We ended up borrowing one from an employee/friend and somehow found our way out to Chanhassen, a mere 45 minutes from Minneapolis. (There was a map on the back of the pass)

The first parties had plenty of food; Lasagna, chicken wings, salad, we were in heaven. I did not like to eat at night but did anyway. Unfortunately, word got out there was free food and free admission to Paisley, and it drew to people who weren’t fans out to eat all of the food and leave before Prince even came in. We had food a few times then somebody realized how the place was full until the food was gone then it emptied. Sigh. People know how to ruin a good thing. I mean here was Prince, opening up his studios for free, and serving loads of good food and non-fans had to ruin it for the fans. Most of us stayed until Prince came in but you could tell many were there to be scavengers. They were thieves and ruined it for the diehards, but no one seemed to mind. Rant over. We were in Paisley and is all we needed.

The first parties were in the atrium area and had just a small DJ table. That night, he came out with a female friend in tow. He tried to lean up against the DJ table and look cool but ended up bumping the record player and making it skip. I put my hand on my hips and looked at him, he laughed and so did some of the other guests. He watched for a while and then left, his friend still in tow.