Right after the Act I tour ended in 1994, Prince had some kind of party at GLAM SLAM. I must have been invited again because I still lived in Atlanta. My roommate and I flew up and were on the ‘Members Only’ floor when he came in. Instead of going to his booth he walked the length of one side of the floor and TALKED… to people. I don’t know who the people were and whether or not they stopped him, but I noticed he was talking… to… people!

Mavis Staples was sitting in his booth and got up to move as he made his way back. We greeted her, and she gave us hugs, she was so sweet. Prince returned to his booth and decided to focus his attention on us. Boom, Boom, Boom, Shake the Room by Will Smith was playing, and we all were singing and dancing. As we sang, one of my friends waved him over, he smiled. Seeing we had his undivided attention, I joined in on the come hither teasing, beckoning with my finger and smiling. I was sure he’d just laugh and stay where he was. I never thought he would play with us.

As we turned back to the rail to watch the crowd below, Prince walked up to the rail on my roommate’s side and stood close to her. She, of course, went rigid and comatose again, she was able to elbow me in the side before she froze. I almost fell over the rail when I saw him looking at me. My mouth, however, was looking for trouble.

“Can I at least meet you?”

There I said it. Knowing full well I had a couple of chances by now to meet him and I didn’t, but tonight I was upset he was walking up to people and talking to people and then went to sit down, without talking to me!

His eyebrows raised a little, he gave me a smirk and reached out his hand in front my roommate who was not letting go of the rail. I reached out my hand and was pretty cocky as we touched and shook hands. As I tried to pull away, HE WOULDN’T LET GO! I tried three times, and he wouldn’t let go! He broke out into a smile. No words were spoken. In my head, I heard,

‘Well, what are you going to do now?’

He finally let me out of my prison and walked back to his booth, confident he had won once again.

I minded my own business the rest of the night.