Delirious Prince Anthology

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Delirious Prince Anthology Press Release

 Delirious: Everyday People and Their Stories of Prince

Published by Vivid Indigo Press LLC


 Delirious: Everyday People and Their Stories of Prince


 Are you an avid Prince fam?

Did you meet him in person or have the opportunity to talk with him?

Did you experience GLAM SLAM, Erotic City Club nights or Paisley Parties?

How did his music change your life?

How many of his amazing concerts did you attend?

You’re invited to contribute to the first anthology about Prince written by his adoring fam


Like Elvis, Michael and Bowie, Prince is a music icon. He mesmerized, entertained and stimulated imaginations creating a rabid base of adoring fams. Whether his music inspired you to fall in love, improve your musicality or dance like no one’s watching, Prince referred to his admirers as fam (short for family).

Delirious: Everyday People and Their Stories of Prince is a tribute to the man with unparalleled musicianship and endearing compassion. Filled with real-life stories, this compilation includes inspiration from chance encounters, favorite songs and life-changing concert experiences. Although nearly one hundred books have been written about this legend, Delirious: Everyday People and Their Stories of Prince is the first fam anthology.

What if I have a story to tell, but I’m not a “good” writer?

As the compiler and content editor for this anthology, Andrea Foy will collaborate with you to ensure that your story is well written. Because she is a stickler for perfection, she will contract with at least one other professional editor to present your story in the best possible way.

What are my benefits for submitting to this anthology?

               You keep 100% of every book you sell to double, triple, quadruple your initial investment

               You retain the rights to your story

               You establish credentials as a published author at a fraction of the cost of self-publishing

               You can use this anthology to launch your next book

               You gain credibility as a subject matter expert

               You leverage your expertise to generate multiple streams of income

               You obtain prestige by association with a publishing expert and best-selling author

               You partake in corporate marketing to Pen of the Writer’s 15,000+ fan base

               You receive expert guidance throughout the process including proven strategies to sell more books

               You acquire international exposure on, and 25,000 other retailers


What are the writing guidelines?

               This anthology is designed for Prince fam to honor him as an amazing artist and person.

               Your story must reflect your real-life experience with Prince. Whether his music inspired you to fall in love, improve your musicality or dance like no one’s watching, we want to hear from you. If you had a chance encounter with him where he encouraged you with his words, head nod or smile, tell us. Share your fondest memory, favorite song or life-changing concert experience.

               Your story should be 1,000 to 3,000 words.

               Submissions that read like academic papers; dissect his music or infer his motives will not be accepted.

               Absolutely no profanity, sexually explicit scenes or vulgar language permitted.

Delirious: Everyday People and Their Stories of Prince Published by Vivid Indigo Press LLC

What are the submission guidelines?

               For consideration, a synopsis of your short story is required by December 31, 2018.

        If you are invited to contribute to the anthology, the following items must be submitted upon accepting the invitation:

o Print, sign and mail the anthology agreement

               Your professional photo (JPEG; 300 DPI minimum)

               Your bio (200-word max)

               Fifty-percent (50%) deposit or payment-in-full for your copies of the anthology payable at

               Your final draft must be submitted no later than February 1, 2019 to as follows: o Attached as a Microsoft Word document


               Times New Roman; 12-point font


How will stories be chosen for inclusion?

If your story meets the writing/submission guidelines and is deemed engaging for our readers, it will not be refused. Therefore, your participation is based on promptness. With space for up to 20 stories, contributing authors will be selected on a first-come-first-served basis. To secure your spot, invest today on at

What is the layout of the book?

Your name and story title will be included in the Table of Contents. Your bio and contact information will be provided at the end of your story. Depending upon which contribution level you choose, your professional photo and name will be included on the back cover. The book will be professionally bound and printed, standard trim size with full-color cover. You will be proud to be included in this quality anthology.

How will prepping and printing be handled?

Vivid Indigo Press will serve you by handling the cover design, editing and printing. We will take care of the arduous details of publishing, so you can focus on crafting your story.

How will the book be sold?

               Vivid Indigo Press will actively promote this book through social media, a virtual book tour and Pen of the Writer’s 20,000+ fan base (

               The print version will be distributed through, and thousands of online retailers.

               The eBook will be available on Amazon’s Kindle.

               All proceeds from books that you sell directly to readers are yours to keep: 100%!


If you have a speaking platform, online presence and a warm market of friends, family and co-workers, you will benefit from selling this anthology. Regardless of your experience, Vivid Indigo Press will provide strategies to assist you with promoting and selling your book inventory. Your efforts—combined with those of your co-authors and Vivid Indigo Press—put you in the unique position of exposing your story to thousands of readers you may not have reached otherwise. Delirious: Everyday People and Their Stories of Prince Published by Vivid Indigo Press LLC

What is my investment to become a co-author of this anthology?

As an independent publisher, Vivid Indigo Press is compiling this anthology to honor Prince and the fam who loved him. To ensure that you are committed to collaborating with Vivid Indigo Press to promote your work, you must purchase books for resale. You can choose from the following contributor levels:

  • Basic: Author contribution, no books to sell.
  • Standard: Author agrees to sell twenty (20) books for an investment of only $7.50 per book.
  • Premium: Author commits to sell one hundred (100) books for an investment of only $5.00 per book. Additional benefits of this level include:

o Opportunity to share your story during a virtual book tour promoting the anthology

 When you pay-in-full by December 31, 2018:

 Complimentary registration, promotions and book release celebration at the 2019 Dayton Book Expo (valued at $325).


How do I make money as a contributor?

The book will retail for $14.95 which means you can earn almost $10 for every book you sell ($14.95 – $5.00 = $9.95)! If you order and sell 100 copies, you profit $995!

In addition to earning back your investment AND making a profit, Vivid Indigo Press is offering a limited-time opportunity to purchase more books to sell at your speaking engagements, conferences and book release party.

                Order additional copies before the anthology goes to print for only $5.00 per book (25-book minimum purchase; additional shipping costs apply).

               Order additional copies after the anthology prints for only $7.50 per book (50-book minimum purchase; additional shipping costs apply).


How do I acquire promotional materials to brand myself and my story?

Complimentary bookmarks for this anthology will be provided when you cover shipping/handling ($10).

Who’s the anthology compiler?

Having attended almost 100 concerts, visited Paisley Park hundreds of times and spoken with Prince on numerous occasions, Andrea Foy had a 40-year stretch as a devoted fam. She received personal invitations to private Paisley parties and was promoted to VIP Fam with perks of free concert admissions, preferred seating and Prince merchandise. In 2017, Andrea spoke at the first Interdisciplinary Prince Conference in the United Kingdom. She shared stories about the artist she appreciated, admired and adored based on her award-winning memoir, Prince and Me, His #1 Fan: My Minneapolis Memories.

If you have questions about Delirious: Everyday People and Their Stories of Prince, email

Are you ready to launch your writing career? Keep reading. Delirious: Everyday People and Their Stories of Prince Published by Vivid Indigo Press LLC

I want to be included in Delirious: Everyday People and Their Stories of Prince. I will adhere to the writing/submission guidelines and meet all deadlines associated with my submission. I understand that I am responsible for purchasing books for resale based on my contribution level.


How Do I Get Started?

Step 1: 

               • Email the synopsis of your story to Andrea Foy at

               • Three forms will be emailed to you upon receipt of your synopsis and acceptance to book

               • Print, sign, date and mail the completed forms to the provided address. If you prefer, email a photo of the signed documents to

               NOTE: Participation in the anthology is on a first-come-first-served basis including story, forms and payment


Step 2: By February 1, 2019

               • Full payment for your books is required

• Submit to Andrea Foy at o Your complete story as an attached MS Word document

o Your 100-word bio (include your other publications and contact information)

o Your professional photo (high-resolution of 300 DPI minimum; JPEG). Note: This bonus is only available to Premium-Level participants who take advantage of the early-bird incentive.


Step 3: By March 1, 2019

               • Your edited submission and bio will be emailed to you for review. Only minor changes accepted.


Step 4: By March 15, 2019

               • Your submission must be approved for printing. No more changes can be made at this time.


Step 5: By March 20, 2019

               • Assuming all submissions and monies are received on time, the book will be sent to the printer.