Certified Women’s Leadership Coach

A Certified Women’s Leadership Coach training module for self-leadership, women’s empowerment, staying cool under fire, confidence-building and positioning for leadership in personal and professional lives. This powerful training will provide the strategies to coach women in corporations, churches, organizations, and self-leadership.

Topics Include:

  • Living a life with passion, power and purpose
  • The importance of courage
  • Creating a personal and professional brand
  • Women as leaders: the new paradigm
  • Understanding and leveraging diversity
  • Who said women’s can’t do it? Success stories
  • Overcoming the I’m Not Good Enough Syndrome
  • Uncovering your true self
  • Personal power: where it comes from and how to use it!
  • Charting and manifesting your destiny
  • The assertive ‘no’ without guilt
  • Strengthen emotional intelligence and interpersonal skills
  • Personal leadership skills and effectiveness
  • Handling personal transition and change
  • Tapping into internal resources
  • Feel the emotion but harness the behavior
  • The secrets of assertiveness without being pushy
  • Recognizing personal cues that signal weakness or non-assertiveness
  • Reducing stress and embracing wellness
  • Fostering collaboration in communication and interpersonal relationships
  • Becoming an inspiring manager and leader
  • Stepping into your potential and greatest success
  • Shifting through challenges and transition
  • Creating strategic vision goals
  • Increasing your self-worth and value
  • Dealing with the ME TOO! Syndrome
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