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A powerful must-read for women globally who wish to increase confidence and life balance. After by 27 international coaches, CEOs, educators, and speakers, each chapter has powerful lessons for women on stress, overcoming obstacles, dealing with lots, bullying, self-esteem, and much more!
Women contributors for this book wrote with a deep passion to help women become empowered and live a life of purpose.







 HIRE POWER: How to Find, Get, and Keep a Job

ISBN: 9780981743691
Hire Power is a how-to guide that steps you through the process of landing the job you want—yes; want—to knowing when to leave for better opportunities. Geared toward the workplace neophyte, this book provides insight for the experienced employee too. In Hire Power you will learn • How to complete an application • The elements of a resume • Appropriate and inappropriate attire for an interview • How to deal with coworkers, bosses and customers • Basic business etiquette • How job performance can lead to great appraisals and promotions.
Hire Power is a how-to guide that steps you through the process of landing the job you want—yes; want—to knowing when to leave for better opportunities. Geared toward the workplace neophyte, this book provides insight for the experienced employee too.
In Hire Power you will learn
• How to complete an application
• The elements of a resume
• Appropriate and inappropriate attire for an interview
• How to deal with coworkers, bosses and customers
• Basic business etiquette
• How job performance can lead to great appraisals and promotions

Published by Queen V Publishing



Violence against women exists in all cultures, ages, religions, sexual orientations, educational backgrounds and income levels. The World’s Women 2010: Trends and Statistics report from the United Nations’ Statistics Division’s reveals these key findings:Violence against women is a universal phenomenon. Women are subjected to different forms of violence – physical, sexual, psychological and economic – both within and outside their homes. Rates of women experiencing physical violence at least once in their lifetime vary from several per cent to over 59 per cent depending on where they live.

In The Still of the Night includes over 100 personal safety tips for women including

How to make your home safe when you are there and when you are not. Safety tips for traveling in a car, bus, or train Cruise safety tips for traveling alone or with a group Safety tips for young women going to college Tips for protecting yourself online

A former International Flight Attendant, author, professional speaker and coach, Andrea has traveled extensively. She has witnessed events and has experienced things that have stayed with her. Her experiences have taught her well and she is now on a quest to ‘pay it forward.’ This book is not filled with facts and statistics, charts and graphs but will real- life stories and observations. This book is must for all women from 12-102.

Published by Professional Woman Network Books




In her chapter of the book, My Vision, My Plan, MY NOW, Andrea Foy, an author, speaker and coach, asks “Is there a book in you?”

“Many people do have a book in them, but they do not know how to get it out. Foy says. “My chapter, as well as many others in the book, helps to encourage people to take steps to fulfill their dreams.”

This book is a collaborative effort of 19 dynamic authors, speakers and trainers from across the country to provide you with the motivation you need to take the action you want to overcome the challenges.  It is filled with stories, tips and techniques that will inspire you to embrace your vision, finalize your plan, and seize this moment, NOW.

Published by Moovin 4ward Publications

My Now for the Future Woman


Young Lady, you have an amazing powerful role in your family, communities, society, and world… when you know what you are capable of achieving.

Before she reaches the age of 21, a young woman’s experiences may be filled with seemingly insurmountable growth hurdles. Our ability to lead these hurdles is largely based upon her preparation and support system. Her ability to get back up, if she stumbles is largely based on her sheer will and determination to keep moving forward.

This book is intended to help young women to be prepared, identify support, build will and strengthen determination.


cgMy Now for the College Grad

Everything you do for your future, Starts with your now.

Achieving success starts with developing a personal plan. For many, graduating from college is the first step of that plan. Mission Accomplished. What now?

If you are in need of motivation to take action to successfully use your educational success to achieve life success, this book if for you! It is filled with success stories, tips and techniques that will inspire you to embrace your vision, finalize your dream, and seize the moment – NOW!

My Chapter: Image:  it’s the little things that matter

Published by Moovin 4ward Publications


My Now for the Entrepreneur

Being a successful entrepreneur means going through the process of becoming one. It requires passion, preparation in practice.

In her chapter, “It’s Just The Entrepreneur In Me,” Andrea explores her family history of entrepreneurship and offers motivation to others to do the same.

Published by Moovin 4ward Publications







Chapter: Passion and Perseverance: Joanne and Arminta.

A must-read book for women who wish to break barriers in their personal or professional lives. In her chapter, Andrea compares two of her (S)heroes, their passion and perseverance and impact on society and history.

Retail price: $19.95


Published by Professional Woman Network Books




A must-read for young women breaking into the business world! Chapters include topics involving stress management, self-confidence, assertiveness skills, professionalism, key elements to success, climbing the ladder, and staying calm under pressure. Written by 29 international coaches, consultants and experts

Chapter:  Personal Safety for Women


Retail price: $19.95

Published by Professional Woman Network Books



ISBN: 9780985814281

A powerful book written by top international coaches, consultants, and CEO’s for women wishing to climb the leadership ladder. Proven strategies provide the reader with step-by-step tools to reach the next level and gain the confidence needed to succeed professionally. Authored by CEO’s, leaders, and experts from the U.K., Australia, the Philippines and the United States. 20 chapters provide powerful leadership strategies for women in their professional and personal lives.

My Chapter: “Martha Stewart and Me”

Published by Professional Woman Network Books



Written by top international coaches, consultants and experts, this exciting new book is a must-read for SINGLE women of any age who seek support on life’s journey!

Powerful chapters include Travel and Safety for the Single Woman, Take Back Your Life, No More Drama, Strategies for Exceptional Single Parenting, In Search of a Good Man, Love Yourself First, Getting Back in the Game: Do’s and Don’t of Dating, Planning Event Fit for a Queen, To Date or Wait?, 15 Benefits of Being Single, Behind the Scenes, Choices: The Art of Choosing Wisely, and Can These Old Ways Live One?

This is the HOW-TO book for single women on relationships, health and wellness, marriage, personal safety and self-esteem! 165 pages

ISBN: 978-0-9838439-9-3

Published by Professional Woman Network Books



One of the top self-help books on the market! Written by 27 top international coaches including. These highly experienced coaches have provided chapters on their specific area of expertise including life, career, stress, transition, empowerment, and self-esteem for women! Chapter topics include: fearless, flawed and fabulous, elder-care and communication, be your BEST self, dream to destiny, personal safety for women, removing emotional roadblocks, creating peak performance: stress management, overcoming self-sabotage, the power of your mind, the great balancing act of life, and more! A must-read and a book for every woman’s personal library! This is the FIRST of the PWN Coach-in-a-Book Series.

Published by Professional Woman Network Books




 It all started with a speech!

We each have our unique story of how we found Toastmasters — whether being told to attend by a boss — dragged by a colleague or spouse — or sought it out on our own. However we found our way to the meeting room, the important thing is, we FOUND it!
Whether we were scared, overwhelmed or excited — we faced our fears, introduced ourselves, responded to that first Table Topic question, presented our Icebreaker, accepted feedback — and came back for more! Whether you are new to Toastmasters, or a seasoned member, you will enjoy, relate to and celebrate these genuine stories shared by fellow Toastmasters… sharing the passion, successes, and gratitude of our membership. It’s an honor to bring you this collection — by, for and about our members — The Heart of a Toastmaster.
From My Heart to Yours,
Sheryl Roush

Published by Toastmasters International and Sheryl Roush

From her ‘first time’ with Prince in 1978 until present day, Andrea is Prince’s biggest fan. A chance layover in Minneapolis as a flight attendant began a 10-year (1992-2002) eye-witness account into the outer circle of His Royal Badness and a fun, flirty, emotional odyssey roller coaster ride. From Paisley Parties to concerts all over the world, Andrea chronicles yet another side of an enigmatic legend of funk and rock and roll. (FUNKNROLL) It is original, unique and heartfelt, nobody else can tell this story and now is the time it needs to be told.




Many books have been written about Prince Rogers Nelson during his entire life. Most of those have been from people who knew him from afar. Recently more people who knew him have told their stories. Delirious: Everyday People and Their Stories of Prince is the first anthology written by a collective of super fams. (Prince, himself distinguished fams, short for family, from fans, short for fanatic).From fam who have never met him but were still inspired by his genius, to those who have met, and danced, with him; Karen, Leona, Victoria, Lee, Cathleen, Andrea, six people, with different stories, journeys and paths, all as diverse as his concert audiences were. In Delirious, fams express how much he meant to them in their everyday lives with accounts of concerts, songs, an eclectic array of experiences and events. From Victoria’s account of dancing with the ‘prince’ professionally to Karen and Cathleen concert experiences, Leona’s Glam Slam encounter, Lee’s life-long account of Prince’s influence and my own journey to the first Prince Conference to celebrate the life and legacy of this man. A legacy we all plan to preserve and protect forever…these are the everyday people and their stories of Prince! Andrea Foy is the author of Prince and Me, His #1 Fan, My Minneapolis Memories, based on her 40 years of being a fan, meeting him and becoming a “VIP Fam.” She is also an author of two other books as well as contributor to 14 anthologies. Delirious is her first anthology she has published on her own. Andrea was a presenter in the first Interdisciplinary Prince Conference, based on her memoir, which took place in the United Kingdom in 2017. She is working on her first Fiction book, STARSTRUCK, about a flight attendant who meets her favorite Rockstar and gets pulled into his world. Coming soon!

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