A few months later, I found a copy of a fanzine (fan magazine) called ‘CONTROVERSY’ in Turtles Record store in Atlanta. It billed itself as a ‘Prince approved’ fanzine from Europe. Inside was a registration form for weeklong Prince Convention in Minneapolis…








I showed up to the GLAM SLAM Convention wearing a red jacket, black pants and a white shirt resembling a business person or realtor. A reporter and cameraman from MTV approached the line. They saw me standing there and came right over. I am sure they hoped I would pull some kind of crazy fan thing of cheering and screaming, but I didn’t. They were wondering since I did look like the other fans wearing T-shirts and Prince gear. They asked me why I had come to the Convention. I told him I wanted to see Princes’ costumes, his awards, his cars, and other things. I had no idea what would be inside of GLAM SLAM, but it was what I wanted to see. Finally, they moved on to interview other people, and I breathed a sigh of relief as I had called in sick from work to attend the Convention. I did not need to see myself on TV, nor did I want anyone else to see me.

A few weeks later, at home in Atlanta, MTV was teasing the ‘Prince Convention in Minneapolis.’ They showed the inside of GLAM SLAM and talked to the organizers. The next thing you know they show THE BLACK WOMAN WITH CURLY HAIR AND A RED JACKET TALKING. Every time she said something they showed the items she mentioned; the car, they showed the yellow Mustang in the club, the awards, they showed his Moon Man from MTV, his costumes and you guessed it. I was excited to see the coverage, it was cool. After the third time, they showed her, I realized her… was me!

I could not believe they showed me! I was the only person who talked on the MTV interview other than the organizer. I was not identified on the tape I was shocked! I did not know what to do. I have never been on TV before and there I was on TV talking about the convention. I taped it because back then MTV would play the new segment over and over again. I kept it for years only to have it taped over by relatives trying to find something to tape for their kids. I was heartbroken, I no longer have a record of me on MTV.

My brother was in Ohio watching MTV at the same time and saw the clip. He said to himself when he was looking at it, ‘That looks like someone I know.’ He called me and said,

“Were you just on MTV?”

The video was my little claim to fame.

Glam Slam

Inside Glam Slam the band was signing autographs, including Prince’s then rumored girlfriend, a protégé named Carmen and another new girl named Mayte.  I talked to Carmen because I heard she was from Cincinnati. She was nice and friendly.

I saw the videos for Automatic and Let’s Pretend We’re Married for the first time. That alone was worth the price of admission. Later that night, we had our listening party in the VIP area of GLAM SLAM. A separate room at the front of the club on the Members Only floor. I made it upstairs; moving on up. It had its own dance floor and a large screen playing more videos. The new album had no title just than usual Love God Symbol Prince had been using since Purple Rain era.

Prince made the video for My Name Is Prince a week earlier using fans as extras. The video was filmed behind GLAM SLAM. I would have loved to have been in at least part of it. We got to hear the album before anyone else did. Rumor had it, Prince wanted to come in and visit with the fans, but was talked out of it by bandmates. They were nervous about us attacking him or something. You know, I have to admit had he come in night after a week of highs, we may have freaked out. I know I would’ve.

We previewed the album, one of my favorites. The double album went platinum was criticized for being too long, but having beautiful music. Carmen joined us on the dance floor to rock Nasty Girl. The girl could throw down! She danced right next to me, and I wanted to leave the floor! She stood around with the fans to watch the new videos of Prince.


Spending every night GLAM SLAM talking to other fans.

First trip to Paisley Park. We took a bus out to Chanhassen to see the Park but were not let in. Ouch! Word had at the first convention in 1991, fanatics get out of control. They ran all over the grass, went through the trash and made fools of themselves. We were so much better behaved. Prince called the organizer himself to tell her how please see was we didn’t act up this time.

I hate to admit a lot of European fans were a little rude. They would have parties and invite other Europeans and loved to go around saying Prince liked them better than he did his American fans. These people acted like teenagers. We were not allowed upstairs in the ‘Member’s Only’ area. Only the event organizer who was the fan club president was allowed up, and she had invited Europeans.

The Convention was the first place I heard about ‘bootleg’ or unreleased or stolen music people sold for profit and Prince did not receive any money. I heard some of the tapes, though. Some of his best music has never been heard legitimately. Some of my favorites: Hold Me, Don’t Talk to Strangers and Open Book.

The actual convention was kind of a letdown. It was the organizer’s collection of Prince memorabilia, most of which I have myself. She had a lot of European magazines, though.