The next day on Twitter, he said ‘Prince will be on the 1s and 2s’ which we thought was really strange because we had no idea the Prince would actually DJ. His attempts in the past which I witnessed weren’t great.  Nevertheless later that night we found ourselves back in Paisley.  There was the big stage with the DJ booth set up. Then there was a small little stage with a Mac, and we should have known that that was where Prince would show up, but no all of us gathered at the big stage hoping that he would be on that one. Of course, he showed up on the little stage. For the first time in my entire life which is really cosmic and now for the last time I actually have a picture of Prince and Me at the same place at the same time. He had photographers covering everything. There is no telling what he was going to do with that footage. They were taping the whole thing; it would be some kind of great concert film.

The next morning Prince actually retweeted a photo with me Arielleimg_20160124_084854 (the unborn baby in 1993) and other people in it. I could not believe it. I retweeted it and told people for the first time in 30 years I actually have a picture that proves that I have been in the same place with Prince. Did he see me in the picture?


He played for about 45 minutes and really seem to be having a good time. He really had skills, he played a mix of music. Some music was coming out of the computer, and he had a keyboard. Kirk was playing a drum machine. Prince was singing, and he said,

“There’s nothing to see here go out and dance.”

A few people actually left and danced.  I couldn’t take my eyes off of him as usual and stood right there.

Shelby J joined him on stage to sing a little. She had performed the night before with Larry Graham and tore it up.



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First Paisley Pass 1993, given out by Bodyguards, invite only.