An original memoir, unique and heartfelt, nobody else can tell this story and now is the time it needs to be told.

 From her ‘first time’ with Prince in 1978 until now, Andrea is Prince’s biggest fan.  A chance layover in Minneapolis as a flight attendant began a 10 year (1992-2002) eye-witness account into the outer circle of His Royal Badness and a fun, flirty, emotional odyssey roller coaster ride. From Paisley Parties to concerts all over the world, Andrea chronicles yet another side of an enigmatic legend of funk and rock and roll. (FUNKNROLL) It is original, unique and heartfelt, nobody else can tell this story and now is the time it needs to be told.

Originally penned in 2015, now a real memoir of a time spent with an icon, a legend, and a beautiful man, by a fan.


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We walked around the entire second floor. I figured if I never got upstairs again I would have fun this night. As we came full circle near the entrance, I noticed a white woman with a bouffant-style hairdo had come in and was sitting at Prince’s table! Several large black men were with her. I thought she was Carmen. As I approached the table, I noticed many more people on the second floor, I could not figure out where they all came from. They appeared to be moving in slow motion. As I got closer, breath left my body and my chest tightened up. The white woman was another none other than…

Prince Rogers Nelson!



He never looked at me, or my hand, but he seemed to know where it was. It was like the part in the Beautiful Ones in Purple Rain where he was laying on the stage and grabbed someone’s hand. He held my hand long enough for me:

To look at him;

Look at my hand;

Look at the girl next to me who was screaming for me since I couldn’t make a sound;

And look back to him!

He let go without even looking at me and left the stage.princeandme_andreafoy_3dprinceandme_back_andreafoy_3d


“Can I at least meet you?”

There I said it. Knowing full well I had a couple of chances by now to meet him and I didn’t, but tonight I was upset he was walking up to people and talking to people and then went to sit down, without talking to us re: me.

His eyebrows raised a little, he gave me a smirk and reached out his hand in front my roommate who was not letting go of the rail. I reached out my hand and was pretty cocky as we touched and shook hands. As I tried to pull away, HE WOULDN’T LET GO! I tried three times and he wouldn’t let go! He broke out into a smile. No words were spoken. In my head I heard,

‘Well, what are you going to do now?’

He finally let me out of my prison and walked back to his booth, confident he had won once again.

I minded my own business the rest of the night.


January 22nd, 2016.  His last performance in Paisley Park as a DJ. I am wearing the white tie in my hair.


Dress I made for Act 1 Tour in 1993

imag043520160511_193645Note given to me…


First magazine cover, postcard received from WB records after writing him in 1982, letter to invite into his first fan club, membership card.


Tambourines: given to me by him at Glam Slam performances!